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Life Is Beautiful (1997)
Director: Robert Benghie
Featured Songs: La Vita Á Bela
Award: Academy Award for Best Actor, and more
Language: English, Italian, German
Release date: October 23, 1998 (United States of America)

A 1997 Italian comedy-dramatic film, directed and played by Roberto Benignie, who co-authored the film, Winsoni Cromie Benigni, plays a Jewish Italian bookstore Gaido Arefis, who worked on her fertile imagination to protect her son from the horrors of interference in a Nazi concentration camp Apply. This film was partly inspired by In The Inde's book, I left Robino Romio Salmoni and Benghini's father Hitler Hitler, who spent two years in the German labor camp during World War II.

Despite criticism of using the subject for comedy purposes, the film was a critical and financial success. It won the Grand Prix at the 1998 Cannes Film Festival, the nine David de Donaldlo Awards, the best film in Italy and three Academy Awards, among which the best actors were Benghi
In the Italian Kingdom of 1939, Guadelifi Arefis was a young Jewish man who came to work in town, where his uncle Eliso conducted a restaurant guided Humorous and sharp and fell in love with a girl named Stella. Later, he saw him again in town where he is a teacher and a rich but arrogant man, set to have a local official official who is involved with Guido's regular run-ins. good luck! Top rated Do you think you're curious to appear within our directory? At last, Gayogeu's affection and commitment show and against his good judgment. He stole from his instincts party on his horse, abusing his mother and mother after they got married and they had a son, Giussou and a bookstore.

After the Second World War, Geosso, his uncle and Geosu were arrested on Geosu's birthday. They and many other Jews were forced into a train and were taken to a concentration camp. Her husband and son face a protector and are said to have no mistakes, so that the dower volunteers get to train so that men, men and women are separated in camps, Dara and Guida never see each other during interim time. Gueida stunts off, such as using a loudspeaker of the camp to send a message-symbolic or literal string to ensure that he and his son are safe. Eliseo was executed in a gas chamber shortly after the arrival. Geoshuu avoided to bathe himself because he ordered to enter the gas chamber when he hated to take bath and rain and did not follow other children.

At the camp, Gino conceals his true situation from his son. Gideau explained Gaiusu that the camp is a complex game that will guide him to his guides. Each task will earn their points and those who get one thousand points will win the first one tank. She said that if she cried, complaining that she wanted her mother, or that she was hungry, she would lose the point, and the boys who were hiding from the camp guard would have to earn additional points. Geosunu is reluctant to go with the sport sometime, but Guadro is determined to keep him every year.

The guides eventually uphold this story when the chaos of closing the camp with friendly forces, he tells his son to stay in a box until everyone is gone, this is the final competition before his tanks. Gideo is looking for a striker, but he is caught by a German soldier. An officer decides to run a guideline, who is run by a soldier. Although he is walking towards his death, Gideau is passing past Giasu's one-on-one, still playing the character and the game. She is shot off Guido as she winks back to Giosuè and Giosuè. The next morning, Gioshu came out of the sweat box, just as a US Army unit came under the leadership of Sherman Tank and the camp was released. Touring the safety of prisoners, accompanied by Americans. Geosu touches the stripe and re-joins while leaving the camp soon. Later, as a man, Geosuva realized the story of his father for his family

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