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One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975)Director: Milos FormansStory: Casey in the earAward: Academy Award for Best Picture,Producer: Michael Douglas, Shaw GentsRelease date: November 19, 1975 (USA)
A 1975 American comedy-drama directed by Milos Farman based on the 1962 novel "One Fever Over the Cuckoo's Nest of KK KC" The film supports Jack Nicholson's star and a supporter of Luis Fletcher, William Redfield, Will Samson and Brad Duffie.
The American Film Institute's 100-year ... list of 100 films has been named as the 33th Kuki's Nest, a Fever Over the Choice of Neist. In 1934, it was the second to win five Best Academy Awards (Best Picture, Lead Role Actor, Lead Role Actor, Director and Screenplay) in a play made. Lamb It won many Golden Globe and BAFTA Awards.
In 1993, the film was "culturally, historically, or casually notable" as the US Library of Congress and "National Film Registry"
In Oregon, 1963, a 15-year-old widow, Radclaw McMurry, was transferred to a mental institution after serving a small sentence in a small prison in the prison. Although not mentally ill, McMurphy will refrain from hard work and serve the rest of his life in a relaxed environment. After coming to the hospital, he found the ward managed by the strong, strict nurse Ratched, who would suppress the patient's activities through a passive aggressive routine, threaten the patients.
Other patients are concerned, deliver bribe bribe; Charlie Cheswick, who is prone to forks for kids; Confused Martini; Good Educated, Parand Dale Harding; Rebel highest tabar; Grape disease Jim Seefelt; And "chief" Bromden, a long native American deaf and mute believe. Riched soon, McMurphy's vivacious, rebel presence poses a threat to his authority, arresting and administering cigarettes to patients. During his time in Ward, McMuriffe participated in a battle with Wrestle with Ratch. He stole a bus in a hospital, escaped with a few patients to go fishing, encouraged his friends to be more confident.
McMurphy learns his sentence may become indefinitely, and he makes plans to escape, exhorting the chief to throw a water treatment throw through a window. He got involved in the fight with the order after Chief and Chechik got excited about his theft cigarettes. Rockets send "Shock Shop" to them, and Macmoorie discovered that Chief can really speak, publish illness, so that nobody can meet with anyone. After electroconvulsive therapy was employed, Macmurifi came back to the ward by pretending to be brain damage, but it was revealed that the treatment accused him more. McMurphy and Chief planned to escape, but after the Ratched page for the night the decision to throw a secret Christmas party for their friends.
McMurphy sneaks candy and rose two women, ward and night guard in bribe. After a party party night, invite McMurifi and Billy to join them for the main exemption. He denied that the hospital was not ready to leave. McMurphy convinces him instead of having sex with Candy Rashed went inside in the morning on Saturday and most of the patients became unconscious. She discovered Billy and Candy together, the former is now frustrated free, as long as Ratched threatened to tell her mother about her turmoil. Delivering fear with fear and swinging himself to the doctor's office and suicide suicide. Angry MacMurphy Rated Choice, before knocking out by a masterpiece.
Rated back comes back with a neck flute and a long voice. The rumor spread that Macmoorie escaped rather than "upstairs". Later that night, seeing the main Macmoorie returning to his bed, he discovered that Macmoorie had the impression of a labotomy on his forehead, and crushed his friend with a pillow. Finally threw the hydrotherapy cart through the window and fled at night, cheered by Taber

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