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Se7en (1995)
Director: David FincherScreenplay: Andrew Kevin WalkerCinematography: Daria KhandajiAward: MTV Movie Award for Best VillainRelease date: September 22, 1995 (USA)
The 1995 film Nove-Noor Criminal Thriller directed by David Finch, and Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, Ginethe Palto, John C. McGinley, R. El Arma, and an actress directed by Kevin Speacy. The film was based on a screenplay by Andrew Kevin Walker. This is David Mills (Pitt), a young detective who is talking about the retirement of retired William Somerset (Freeman) and soon takes up the responsibility of tracking a serial clare which uses seven deadly sins to be related to his assassination.
The film's screenplay tries to do it as a writer in New York City, and is influenced by Walker while Finch appears as a "small-generation movie". Principal Photography is held in Los Angeles, with the last scene of a movie near Lancaster in California. The film's budget was $ 33 million.
The release of New Line cinemas on September 22, 1995, seventh world-wide earnings of more than $ 327 million, has become the seventh highest earner of the year. It was praised by critics, who praised the film's darkness and atrocities and its themes. The film was nominated for Best Film Performance at 68th Academy Awards, but it lost in Apollo 13
A nomadic American city, soon-to-retired detective William Somerset is the partner with the transfer of the department recently, the short-smashing but idealistic David Mills, moving to the city with his wife Tracy. Mills introduces Tersis to Somerset, after which Somerset becomes its loyal person. Tracy is unhappy with the city and it seems to be a place to raise a child. He expressed Somerset that he is pregnant and yet to inform her husband Somerset is sympathetic to him, a few years ago has a similar situation with his ex-girlfriend, and he advised him to tell Mills only if he plans to keep children.
The first victim of a pair investigation of the murder of Somerset and Mills was forced to feed until a gross man bursts his stomach. The second was a wealthy defense attorney who died from fatal bleeding and a pound of meat both from the death. In each crime scene, the murderer interacts with a source in the intelligence agency, which includes a word: Considering frequent rehabilitation of unstable people and attorney office greed Somerset acknowledges as part of their seven deadliest sins and is related to murder. Other stories are taken into potential criminal apartments. There, they are another victim, a familiar drug dealer and child molester, strapped from a bed, barely alive and embeared, with a series of pictures indicating that he was tied to bed for a full year. The sound is scrawled over the slow wall. Photos indicate that the killers plan for this death for some time.
Somerset and Mills identify a person named John Doe, who examined several books of fatal sins. When he went to his apartment, and left Mills behind, Dow finally killed the Killer Mills and kept him at gun point, but after a few moments, he fled and fled. In Dos' apartments, they show the apparent psychopathy of Do's hundreds of handwriting journals, and find the leading signal from the fourth victim. It is too late to delay the death of a victim, Don gives a reluctant person to wear a thick S & M Folic device in his genitalia, and he is raped and severely severely beat him deadly. They find the written mercy on the door. Their next victim is warned, an attractive young girl, a possible model, whose appearance was dispersed by Doha; He was given the opportunity to call or distort for help, or suicide by eating a shot. He chose suicide. The word glory is written on its wall.
Shortly afterwards, Somerset and Mills returned to the police station, reached a person who was in blood, surrendered themselves. Mills admits him in the dock and arrested him. They discover that Dow has removed his finger on the skin to avoid going back to the prints; Blood on her is from a still-detected victim. Doe, through his lawyer, has two more victims and proposes to take them to detective and accept all the murder, but only under very specific conditions, or else he will be bitter madness. Somerset is alerted, but Mills agrees.
Two detectives follow Dawn's instructions, run them in a remote desert. Within a few minutes, a delivery van came to them. Mills holds a dock in the mouth of the gun and prevents Somerset drivers, who were ordered to bring them to the box. Somerset restores the box and sends it to the driver, telling Doe Mills that how much jealousy in Mills' life and marriage trash, to resist Mills. Somerset opened the box, and in a terrific situation, Mills asked to go back and listen to Doo

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