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Fight Club (1999)
Director: David Fincher
Screenplay: Jim Uhs
Box Office: 100.9 million USD
Budget: 63 million USD
Primary Release: September 21, 1999 (United States)

A 1999 American film named by the same name Palahniuk based on the novel of 1996. The film was directed by David Finch and presented to Brad Pitt, Edward Norton and Helena Bonn Carter. Norton plays an unnamed hero drama, referred to as a narrator, who is dissatisfied with his white collar work. He is involved in a relationship conducted by Darden and a rebel woman, Marla Singer, Benham Carter, who wants to fight a recreational fight with soap maker Tyler Durden, run by Pete and they are joining by humans who are recreationally fighting.

Paloynuke's novel is considered an alternative to the 20th Century Fox Producer Laura Jysin, who hired Jim Wahl for writing film adaptation. Finch was one of four producer directors, and was selected for his film's enthusiasm. With the help of finches, the script was created and screen-writing suggestions were sought for cast in the film industry. Comparison of Rebel Anne A Kos (1955) and The Graduate (1967) compared to Director and Cast Film. They said that the theme was a generation of young generation and there was a conflict between the advertising system. Copying homoerotic colonies from director Palahanik's novel make audiences uncomfortable and keep them from the hopes of the ending.

The Studio has rebuilt marketing campaigns for Fincher's endeavor to try the executive film and try to reduce the losses of estimates. Fight Club failed to meet the expectations of the studio at the box office and first became one of the year's most controversial and narrative-based films by critics receiving polarizing responses. Critics have praised actresses, guides, themes and messages, but have discussed explicit violence and moral ambiguities. But over time, the reception of the film has largely been positive with critics and audiences, with its DVD release found critical and commercial success, which established Fight Club as a scandal film. It is now regarded as one of the biggest movies of 1990

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