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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966)
 Director: Sergio LeonFeatured songs: Good, bad and uglyMusic Director: Nino MarichonMovie series: Dollar trilogyPrimary Release: December 23, 1966 (Italy)A 1966 epic Spaghetti is directed in Western film Sergio Leone and Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Clif, and Eli Valla played in their respective roles in the role of his Scorpales and an unknown stranger by dialogue available by Scarpelli, Luciano Vincenzoni and Leon (additional screen plates material and Donati), based on a story by Vincenzoni and Leon, director of photography director Tony Daly Coley. Like WideScreen is responsible for cinematography, and Enino Morrine wrote the score for the film, along with its original theme. It was an international collaborative production between Italy, Spain, West Germany and the United States.The film is well known for using Lyon's long shot and close-up synthetization, as well as its distinct use of violence, tension, and artistic gunfight. This platform revolves around three gunmen who occupy the civilian grave of the civil war and divides the violent chaos of the American Civil War (1862 in particular, the New Mexico Campaign), and participates in many battles and bilateral areas.  The film was supported by Leon and Clint Eastwood, and the second was Lee van Cleff.The Good, Bad and Digual was sold in the third and final installment of the Dollar Triangle, the F Fistful of Dollars and For Foe Doubles, the film was a financial success, the box office earned more than $ 25 million, and Eastwood's character was associated with the Stardom. Due to the general rejection of the Spaghetti Western General, the critical reception of the film's release was mixed, but it later got critical acclaim for the year. Well, evil and ugly are now seen as one of the greatest and most influential Westmen of all time

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